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Cross Cultural Sensitivity Training

Cross Cultural Sensitivity Training

Thriving in a world of flux requires innovation, cultural sensitivity and global communication skills – a Cultural Mind Shift.

Intercultural awareness training prepares you to negotiate and do business with a wide variety of cultures. Employees and Leadership will be more cognizant of cultural communications styles and differences, ultimately making them more effective when working with multicultural clients, customers and colleagues…. No matter what your industry is, an increasingly diverse global marketplace requires you to build trust in order to earn respect and business.

Tangible Development starts with the first step to success: Strategic analysis. From there, we develop a customized, focused, and measurable plan of services that meets a client’s goals, including follow-up evaluation and consultation.

All training programs are developed using our proprietary three-point planning process:


We assess what types of training and information will best enhance the global communications skills of your management and employees — the currency of business today. While training addresses cultural generalities, it does not perpetuate stereotypes and is based on respect and understanding of multicultural values and customs.


All education we provide is designed to address the specific multicultural business challenges your company is having. Workshop sessions focus on these issues to help alleviate costly situations that are identified through extensive personalized pre-training assessments. Culturally sensitive knowledge and strategies can increase team cohesiveness, job satisfaction, employee retention and productivity as well as customer/client satisfaction.


Every company and industry must adhere to specific regulatory, privacy, and governmental regulations. All training delivered by Tangible Development adheres to the requirements of your industry, such as HIPAA or the Fair Housing Act.

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